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Prices Starting at $99
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Take the guessing out of the equation. Text us a photo of your Junk and receive your free estimate in minutes!

How We Price at JNR JUNK

Price is determined by the volume of Junk in our dumpster. Our dumpsters vary in size. We can remove a single item, or fill the whole dumpster - flexible pricing available.

Simple and Up Front Pricing

Everyone's Junk is different. Our pricing is specific and customizable to fit your unique needs. We offer a hassle free in person instant quote. We also offer an "Estimate Through Text" option if you prefer. Simply snap a photo and send it our way. Our prices include removal, haul away and dump fees. 

How YOU Save with JNR Junk

We gladly offer single item pricing, but for most jobs, we price by how much space your items take up in the truck. Whether its a small corner of the dumpster or a full load, we will gladly price accordingly. We accept all forms of payment including cash, check, debit/credit, Venmo & Cashapp.